Hungary under fire

The recent exchange of highly tense letters in December 2011 between European Commission President José Manuel Barroso and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, and the ahead of scheduled departure from Budapest of the joint EU – IMF negotiating team preparing the talks on a new IMF – loan were just two signs the current Hungarian… » read more

The recognition of Palestine at the UN would strengthen those on both sides who believe peace is possible. It would send the Palestinians a strong message, that the international community truly recognizes their rightful and legitimate aspirations. It would help Palestinian unity. It would make Hamas more interested in negotiations. It would send the message… » read more

While Western leaders reaffirmed their commitment to NATO at the recent Chicago summit – pledging to conduct a responsible drawdown in Afghanistan, cooperate more on military capabilities in Europe, and enhance global partnerships – the future of the future of the Alliance, and indeed the entire European project itself, is still cast in a cloud… » read more

It is nothing new to see European defense spending trailing behind that of the United States, or lately, as I wrote in an earlier post, that of other emerging parts of the globe. Although many tend to emphasize the decades old transatlantic gap between the US and European allies, the disparities between European nations defense… » read more

In the first time since centuries, Asia’s military spending will surpass that of Europe in 2012 according to London based International Institute for Strategic Studies, which is preparing to launch its annual Military Balance publication. With Asia’s continuing robust economic growth together with strategic incentives for defense modernization on the one hand, and Europe’s economic… » read more

On February the 25th Hungary remembers the victims Communism. On this day in 1947 Béla Kovács, a leading Hungarian politician at the time who opposed the “sovietization”- that is the drift towards communist dictatorship – of Hungarian politics was unlawfully arrested and deported to the Soviet Union. He wasn’t the first victim, nor the last.… » read more